A 74-year-old mother sues her four children after they changed locks and left her homeless…

Because of all of the inherent inconsistencies, managing the relationship between parents and children is unquestionably one of the most challenging types of relationships to navigate.

This is a unique partnership that has, from the very beginning, been the subject of significant debate. However, there is no question that a parent will do everything for their child.

For any mother or father who respects themselves, the ultimate desire is to see their child live a life that is full and joyful.

If the parent has done a good job raising their child, the child will sense and have the desire to “return” the efforts that have been made.

The situation of Josefa Cala Caro, 74, who was forced to leave her home after her children changed the lock on their front door, illustrates the unfortunate reality that there are instances when children have absolutely no respect for what a parent is doing or has done for them.

It is completely incomprehensible that the state is not making any effort to assist Ms. Josefa, who found herself “on the streets” overnight, despite the fact that she is in immediate danger.

According to the resentful statements made by this woman, which we can read for ourselves, her five children, including four of them in particular, would have taken advantage of the time she was in the hospital to change the lock on her house.

Since then, one year has gone; throughout this time, the woman has not had access to her home or any of her possessions.

Desperate, the woman filed a lawsuit against her four children, receiving backing from her youngest daughter as well as the rest of her family members.

But the wheels of justice move slowly, and while the woman waits for the judges to make a decision, she is denied the basic rights that should be guaranteed to her by law.

It seems strange that individuals who are now living in the building have almost greater protection than those who have been kicked out.

It doesn’t matter if your children or strangers kicked you out of your home – the fact is, it can happen to anyone.

Josefa hopes that her tale will also give voice to those who are in the same circumstances as her; it doesn’t matter if your children or strangers kicked you out of your home.

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