It turned out that the woman’s two adoptive children, who were separated by a year, were actually brothers and sisters…

The state of Colorado serves as the setting for this extraordinary tale.

Ms. Page had no idea that the children she adopted would turn out to be siblings when she adopted a boy a year later and a girl the year after that.

This woman made the decision to undergo a significant life transformation after the dissolution of her marriage.

She moved to a new residence, changed jobs, and altered her surroundings. She becomes a member of the church and works as a caregiver in a facility that provides care for children who have been abandoned by their parents.

At first, she found it challenging and depressing to deal with it. But with time, she adapted to it, and eventually, she even began to like the process.

It didn’t take her long to come to the conclusion that she wanted to adopt a child from the facility. At that point, he was four days old.

His mother had given up on him because she had been abusing drugs while she was pregnant with him. The child’s health, thankfully, was not compromised in any way.

The child’s legal guardianship was transferred to Miss Page. During the time that social services were looking for his biological parents, she started calling him Grayson.

A search yielded no results, therefore the mother who had adopted the child was required to appear in court with the necessary paperwork. Grayson was legally adopted into the family.

After much anticipation, Miss Page was eventually able to make the introduction. And what was even more shocking was that the young child was wearing a bracelet that bore Grayson’s own parent’s names.

Hannah’s biological mother’s address was one of the things that the woman was able to track down and visit. She said that she had no idea what her son was doing and that she was expecting her third kid.

Katie Page informed her nurse, who then conducted an investigation and determined that the two children in question were related.

However, that wasn’t where the tale ended.

The bereaved mother quickly gave up custody of her third kid. And Katie Page has already filed a request to have custody of her children.

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