She dances the Charleston at the age of 82 and yet has youthful energy… She moves like she’s 20…

Watch the video below…

The Charleston was developed specifically so that dancers could discover choreography that suited the style of music that it was set to.

The tune “Runnin’ Wild,” which was released in 1923, is the one with which this dance is most commonly linked.

Even to this day, we still dance it, and an example of it may be seen in the video that we have provided for you in this post.

The aforementioned movie features a sweet grandmother who is 82 years old and explains how age is really only a number.

At the beginning of the sequence, we see her dragging a stick behind her as she makes her way into the kitchen. Her gait is old and tired looking.

After that, he will either actually drink a supplement or make it appear as though he is drinking one. The show that is going to leave everyone dumbfounded then starts from that point on.

Granny stands up and with a swift movement, removes the lower portion of the dress, revealing a skirt below.

At that point, she puts on a necklace and starts dancing the Charleston with the ease and fluidity of a teenager. She is very good at it.

The video that was published to YouTube has received more than three million views, along with a large number of “likes” and comments from users.

The lady received many compliments, and some people were curious as to whether or not Granny had ever worked as a dancer professionally when she was younger.

There is no doubt that participating in physical activities like dancing and general movement will assist you in maintaining a strong and healthy body.

We will now leave you to watch the video, which will hopefully serve as a source of motivation for you:

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