The jury was only shocked by the 13-year-old… Is that even possible?

The judge panel of “America Has Talent” was blown away by the 13-year-old contestant.

The young lady possesses amazing vocal abilities as well as other wonderful attributes for operatic performance.

When you first hear her sing, it is hard to believe that this young woman possesses a voice of such quality because she is so petite.

The judge, who went by the name Mel B, pushed the golden button, which allowed him to bypass the evaluations of the other members of the jury and proceed directly to the next stage of the competition.

The girl’s shyness, which is normal for a girl who is confronted with such an intimidating setting, as well as the nervousness caused by being in front of a crowd of strangers who are waiting for your performance, did not prevent her from singing with a voice that was so powerful that she was immediately advanced to the final.

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