Her son was born when she was eleven years old. Now, their life is…

We are discussing Kordese Eliazkova, one of the youngest mothers in the world who recently gave birth to her child.

Kordese had just turned 11 years old in 2009. She got to know a young man who was 19 years old close to her school.

After they started seeing one other, she fell pregnant very quickly.

On the other hand, the young girl did not immediately discover that she was pregnant.

The student believed that she began to put on weight due of an unexplained increase in her hunger that caused her to “eat for two.”

Dida, Kordesia’s grandmother, was the first person to realize her granddaughter had gained some weight.

After questioning and testing the girl, everything was brought to light, and her parents hurriedly began making plans for her wedding with the man who will be the father of her child.

They planned to complete it before the baby was born. They were successful in doing so.

Alternately, perhaps it is more appropriate to state that they came close to achieving their goal.

The first day of the wedding ceremony, which was to last for three days, was set to begin on October 22.

The celebration was carried out in accordance with the finest customs, but beginning on the second day of the celebrations, Cordes began to feel ill.

After being rushed to the hospital, she gave birth to their daughter Violetta there a few hours later. The young girl possessed good health.

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