She’s 61 and he’s 24. What are their plans and how do they live?

He is 24 years old, but she is 61. They recently tied the knot, and now they want to start a family.

An unconventional pair from the United States, Kuran and Cheryl met through the medium of short music videos when they were first getting to know one another.

They each attempted to take over the TT page on their own, but it wasn’t until they joined forces that they were able to achieve such widespread success.

The humorous films posted by the couple, who do not see each other in person because they live 37 years apart, have been viewed millions of times, and the channel’s subscriber count has climbed significantly.

Both Kuran and Cheryl spent their days working on advertisements, and they quickly came to the conclusion that they were connected not only by the common interest that they shared, but also by the feelings that they shared.

Kuran popped the question to his fiancee in July of 2021, and the two were wed in September of that same year.

The pair immediately achieved world fame as a result of the headlines, which also helped to improve the popularity of their channel.

But the lives of the couple were not complete; something was still lacking.
So it was determined that they would start a family.

The possibility of Cheryl and Kuran employing the services of a surrogate is one that is actively being discussed.

On the other hand, if they are unable to find a bride, the pair is prepared to adopt a child from a foster care facility.

They would then be able to become a whole family as a result of this.

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