Woman briefly asks a park cleaner to watch her daughter before going missing for seven years…

Victor, a 23-year-old former soccer player, was offered a dream job coaching a soccer team at a prestigious private school. His on-field strategies and leadership were praised by all.

At the pinnacle of his career, Victor suffered a devastating setback. He fell unwell a few weeks before a big game and had to miss leading his squad.

Everyone at school pointed fingers at Victor for the team’s loss in the tournament, and he took the blame. His confidence was damaged by the constant barrage of insults he endured.

Victor, devastated by his loss, swore he would never play sports again. He abandoned his ideal profession for a job as a park cleaner.

Victor had a tough time settling down for the next two years. Though he wanted to get back into sports, he never told anyone his true identity.

Nobody who ever visited the park had heard of Victor. They saw him as nothing more than a hardworking janitor.

After he had taken out the trash, Victor was walking around the park to check on things when he was approached by a woman he had never seen before. There was clearly something she was hoping to get from him.

Excuse me, would you mind watching my daughter? “I have to go to the bathroom right now,” she pleaded.

A small girl was dozing off in a pram as Victor walked by.

The janitor said, “Sure, I’ll wait here with your daughter.”

Victor worriedly searched the area for the child’s mother as he kept an eye on the kid. After waiting for a while, the woman still hadn’t shown up 30 minutes later.

The young girl started crying, and Victor, unsure of how to respond, tried to console her. He then noticed an envelope in the child’s stroller.

When he opened it, he found a message whose words sent shivers down his spine.

(Dear Victor) My best wishes to you. Hey, it’s Maria, how are you doing?

Three years ago, during the party, we first met. In the morning, you’ll find that I left you a present: Hannah, a living reminder of our one night together. No longer will I be responsible for her upkeep; you must do so now.

His mind was inundated with fuzzy recollections of that night. Three years prior, he had gone to a neighboring city for a soccer competition.

One evening he met a stunning woman named Maria, and the moment they locked gazes, he knew he was in love.

It had finally dawned on him that the pregnancy resulting from his one-night stand was entirely unexpected. When the truth of Hannah’s paternity finally sank in, Victor was taken aback.

He brought her back to his house and then called a police officer pal to see if anyone had reported a missing girl.

No, Victor. Because we haven’t heard anything in a few days, we’re starting to worry.

It’s all OK, really. Just making sure. I appreciate it, man.

The police officer asked if you planned to “come trekking with us” this weekend․

The ways in which Victor’s life will shift were apparent to him at that very moment. He just couldn’t bear to abandon Hannah. As the first of many invites he would have to turn down, he was disappointed.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it; something has come up. You can count on me to tell you whatever you want to know.

How am I supposed to bring up my daughter by myself? He looked at Mary and asked, “Why did Mary do this?” as tears continued to fall uncontrollably.

Instead of placing Hannah in foster care, he committed himself to raising her himself. Victor recognized the difficulty of the task but was determined to complete it.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about what might have occurred to Maria that would have caused her to abandon the baby. As he poured his heart and soul into parenting Hannah, time flew all too swiftly.

Even before she could walk, the girl shown athletic prowess, so Victor abandoned his aversion to sports to encourage her. He started hanging out with her in the park and ended up gathering a team of kids to coach every day.

The manager of a professional soccer team was once wandering around the park when he happened upon one of these competitions.

Because of Victor’s expertise, he intended to make him an offer. It was an enticing offer, and he accepted, becoming the team’s assistant coach.

His team won every game because to his brilliant game plans and technical prowess. After Victor was elevated to head coach the following year, the team finally won the championship for the first time in eleven years.

At this point in time, Hannah was nine years old, and she and her dad had a fantastic relationship. They spent their afternoons painting artwork and going on roller coasters together.

They believed that the happiness they were experiencing at that moment would continue on indefinitely. But when Victor saw Maria at the gym where he worked, it broke his heart.

Were you intending on kidnapping Hannah by coming here?” He thought to himself, “I won’t allow that happen,” as he approached the woman.

As in, “Hey, Victor, how’s our daughter?”

What about our daughter?” “She’s my daughter; why’d you bother coming?” Victor, clearly annoyed, asked. Before she could respond, Maria sighed.

What transpired between us that night was sweet, but unfortunately I became pregnant. “Victor. I did not have an easy time of it. After my parents disowned me, I spent two years fending for myself and my son.

Then I met David. However, he rejected my daughter outright. As a result, I’ve made the difficult decision to entrust her to your care.

After discovering that you now work as a janitor at the park, I left her in your care that afternoon.

The question is, “How could you do that to her? She’s not a thing at all. You’ve left her with a total stranger and she’s a really delicate little girl. She mourned you for a long time. What brings you here at this time?

Then he heard Maria make her crazy suggestion:

I recently ended things with David. Nobody cares about me, and I need my daughter back. What I really want is to have her at my side.

Afraid and angry, Victor demanded that she leave:

I refuse to permit that to take place. My daughter is not going with you. It’s best if you just left.

Maria, distraught, had to go. A court summons for Victor to appear in court with Hannah arrived at his home a few days later.

Two weeks later, at the hearing…

In court, the father said, “Your Honor, I cannot entrust this woman with my daughter. When she was very small, she left her with a stranger. If she did it once, how can we be sure she won’t do it again? conflicted Victor.

Maria immediately sprang to his defense.

I had no other options and no money to provide for my daughter, your honor. I had to leave her with her biological father because I needed to go on.

The judge ruled that Victor should be Hannah’s legal guardian after hearing arguments from both parties.

That’s why it’s so important to always be there for your kids. They are not things that can be discarded.

You should have gone to her father and explained the issue, asking for help if you were in need of it. Don’t abandon her to the elements.

Although Hannah and Victor were content, the young girl quickly revealed to her father that she yearned to spend more time with Maria. His thoughts turned to what would be best for his daughter as a result.

He phoned Maria and they made arrangements to spend time with the girl together. Their love for Hannah eventually bonded them together into a tight-knit family.

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