A student gave a homeless man food. He gave her a scrawled message an hour later that’ll bring you to tears.

It is difficult, and in some cases almost impossible, to imagine that those who are homeless would voluntarily subject themselves to such a miserable existence.

If this is the case, then it begs the question: why do so many of us view them with such contempt? On the other hand, Casey Fisher has a really unique viewpoint towards people who are homeless.

One day, while she was walking down the street, she noticed a homeless man begging for alms. At some point in the future, she ran into him once more at the Dunkin’ Donuts cafĂ©. The man was only successful in collecting one dollar total.

After that, Casey extended an invitation to the man to join her at her table. The girl’s offer took the man, whose name is Chris, by surprise, but he decided to take her up on it nevertheless.

He explained to Casey that, as a result of the fact that he was homeless, most people regarded him with contempt.

He also said that his dependence on drugs had led to his being in such a deplorable state that he despised himself for being responsible for it.

Chris never gave up the dream that one day he would grow up to be a successful and respectable adult who could make his mother proud.

Despite the fact that she had passed away many years ago from cancer, he wanted to live his life so that he might accomplish something for her.

Casey and Chris had been talking for more than an hour when Casey finally became aware that she needed to leave to go to the university.

During the course of the chat, the hours passed swiftly, and it was soon time for her classes to begin. Chris pleaded with Casey to stay for a moment longer as she was getting ready to depart.

After hurriedly beginning to write something on a crumpled up piece of paper, he then handed her a letter and apologized in advance for her messy handwriting before passing it to her.

Casey took the note with him as he walked out the door to go to class. After reading what Chris had written on the piece of paper, Casey came to the conclusion that she had contributed something to the homeless man’s life that was significantly more significant than only providing him with food.

The following was written in the memo that Chris sent to Casey:

“Earlier today, I had the urge to take my own life. However, because of you, I will continue to live and work toward making things right. You are a good person, and I am grateful to you.”

A friendly action or remark, or even something as uncomplicated as a grin, can often mean more to another person than you are aware of at the moment.

Keep this in mind the next time you come across someone who is depressed or having a bad day.

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