When a young bear emerged from the woods and inquired for fish, the man was fishing from the shore. But you won’t believe when you see what happened next…

A man was sitting on the bank of the river and fishing when he observed movement on the bank of the river out of the corner of his eye.

When he turned around, he was taken aback to see that a bear cub had approached the bank of the river and was waiting there, as if it were making a request for some fish, which the fisherman already had in his possession at that point.

The human did not succumb to gluttony and instead gave the animal one of the fish that was lying on the beach.

However, the young bear did not instantly consume the fish; rather, it cautiously picked it up and carried it into the nearby woodland.

After some time had passed, the man recalled the specifics of the story. He went straight out to the shallow river and began fly fishing.

The bite was great that day, and in only a few hours, Gleb managed to catch three trout and a heavy grayling.

Due to the thrill that he was feeling, the fisherman did not immediately notice the bear cub heading in his direction.

After noticing it, he understood that the animal was looking for something to eat. The forest dweller did not consume the entire grayling that the man had thrown to it; instead, it simply nodded its head and moved the fish deeper into the forest.

The fact that the bear cub eventually returned and resumed its previous request for fish is by far the most intriguing part of the story.

The fisherman couldn’t help but wonder where the animal was putting the fish it had caught. The man donated the fish, but this time he chose to pursue the animal instead of returning to his boat.

He came across a young bear cub resting peacefully in the middle of a thick forest in a clearing.

The bear approached the human in a nonchalant manner, but the fisherman was aware that two or three fish would not be sufficient for the large beast.

After giving it some thought for a moment, he eventually gave her the entire catch and left in a stealthy manner.

The mother bear and her little pup eventually left the area the following day. It would appear that the fish did in fact assist her in becoming stronger.

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