It’s fantastic that these brothers were able to get their father out of the water with a lot of effort…

The man will be eternally appreciative to the boys for saving him.

Sam Ebert, a fellow soldier, spent time with Brydon and Christian Hassig. The father of a 10-year-old boy who was wearing dive gear was also in the pool..

But this time, Christian realized right away that something was awry with the practice. The moment the youngster noticed that his father was trembling and then falling on his side, he was terrified.

Christian dashed into the street, signaled to the passing driver to call 911, and then yelled for help to his brother Brydon and Comrade Sam.

Sam and Brydon did not relax either. They worked quite hard to get the dad out of the water, and then Brydon gave him artificial respiration.

The youngster lacked any unique knowledge. But he recalled seeing similar actions in movies.

Brad was brought to the hospital and later released. The family’s father expressed his extreme pride in both sons and their friend.

The man will be eternally appreciative to the boys for saving him.

Brad too views what occurred as a miracle. He finds it impossible to accept that young children could pull an adult out of the water without the aid of some greater (perhaps divine) force.

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