What a delightful outcome: this adorable, pure elephant is searching for the girl’s trunk…

Watch the video below…

In childhood, any animal is endearing.

This sad elephant was sent to the Indian Center for Rehabilitation of Wild Animals after being tossed by its herd and falling into a 15-meter ditch on a tea plantation.

The elephant was very distressed when it was lost, but under the care of the reserve staff, he immediately healed and was happy once more!

The elephant is currently at a reserve with other elephants and enjoys greeting and cuddling every visitor. Visitors admire this lovely and sweet animal!

Elephant calves like spending time exploring their surroundings.

The girl’s “proboscis” is far shorter than the elephant’s long trunk, which he discovers using his trunk. The elephant continues to race about with its long snout in search of the trunk even though it doesn’t have one!

The girl appeared to be having fun while the elephant looked for a “trunk,” despite his naughty interest.

The girl can fool the elephant into thinking she’s an unusually shaped elephant!

This brave move made everyone fall in love with this adorable elephant! Amazing creatures created by God!

Imagine having the privilege of being near elephants, especially young ones. They are incredible beings.

Check out this great moment:

Watch the video…

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