The homeless dog and the marathon runner become best friends… But one day…

A person who runs marathons and a stray dog

During the month of June in this year, a stray dog in China named Gobi took part in a 250-kilometer ultramarathon.

There, a young girl ran into another competitor named Dion Leonard, who was 41 years old. The two became friends.

Dion has started a petition in an effort to bring the lovable puppy back to his home in Edinburgh at this point.

In point of fact, Dion had journeyed to China in March of this year in order to take part in the Gobi Desert Marathon for the very first time.

Before the start of the six-day, seven-race stage, Dion spotted the dog wondering aimlessly around the playing area.

As she began to fall behind the other runners on the first day of the competition, a group of American runners at first referred to her as Tinto before changing their name to Gobi.

On the second day of the tour, he made the decision to ride beside me during a stage that was between 25 and 30 kilometers long and went through the Tian Shan mountain range.

She had actually traveled across one of the largest sand dunes in China with us the day before, so she was completely informed about the racing with all of the other competitors there; however, on the second day, she opted to stay with me.

This was despite the fact that she had actually competed in the race with us the day before.

I made the statement, “She may be a small dog, but she has a big heart.” Because she would race ahead of me and then wait for me twenty or thirty meters down the road, it was imperative that I catch up to her.

The dog completed four of the event’s six phases over the course of a week, which was the duration of the competition.

Dion can recall an occasion when he had to make the journey over the river with Gobi. In that same instant, he experienced for the first first time a genuine connection between the two of them.

A total of 101 cyclists participated in the competition, and Dion came in second place. Additionally, during the course of a week, Gobi ran approximately 80 miles.

After the finish of the race, Dion immediately dialed his wife’s number to have a conversation about bringing Gobi back home.

Gobi, on the other hand, will have to go through a lengthy process before he would eventually be able to join Dion and his wife at their house.

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