Dad walks into the room to check on the baby in the crib, but instead finds the dog…

The dog is all set for a snooze when the father comes home.

Imagine coming into your toddler’s room to check on naptime and instead finding a sleepover party with an Old English Sheepdog theme.

What would you do? Exactly that transpired at the moment when the doting father went in to check on his adorable child.

It was an abundance of adorableness that took Dad by surprise and made it more difficult for him to carry out his responsibilities.

What exactly are you up to, Pepper, in that room? Dad queries.

The expression on the face of the young child that is staring at you seems to say, “Ut oh, I’ve been caught, but I’m cute so whatever.”

When this occurs, it is possible to observe him pleading with the other dog in the family to get inside the crate with him.

Take a look at this adorable video of a father playing with his little child while he bounces back and forth with Pepper.

Despite the fact that he is clearly attempting to act like a responsible parent, the circumstances are just just too cute for there to be rules.

Seeing this active little child having a good time with his much bigger than life dog Pepper is a very enjoyable sight to behold.

I just don’t have it in me to be angry with the youngster. There is no question that the best way to get some shut-eye is to curl up in a warm embrace with your most beloved animal buddy.

It’s likely that the two of them are going to spend the entirety of their naptime together.

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