His father was homeless for 12 years, but what his son did to him made him change his life… And you won’t believe it when you see what he did…

This individual was working hard to help his father kick his drug habit and make positive changes in his life.

Because of the shift in perspective brought on by the guy’s father, everything appears to be quite different now.

Love can overcome any obstacle. Over the course of twelve years, Juan Sebastian Herrera worked relentlessly to assist in his father’s escape from a life of drug addiction and poverty.

This man had been living on the streets and abusing narcotics in Colombia until a few months ago.

In a recent interview, the young guy provided confirmation that his father, Alexandro Carmona, had begun a new life and escaped the world of drugs and poverty.

The interview took place not too long ago. This shift of perspective started on Father’s Day, when a young man found his father and asked him to teach him a new perspective on how to live his life.

Juan Carlos says:

“I had a terribly challenging childhood. It was quite upsetting for me to see my father living on the street since he was an addict, and he spent a lot of time there.

He attempted to kick his drug habit on multiple occasions and even checked himself into recovery facilities, but after only a few weeks, he was back to using. He lacked the determination to make a difference in his life.

I caught him off guard by stumbling upon him on the sidewalk and then bringing him to a barbershop to get his hair and beard taken off.

I made arrangements for a space in Carthage with seating for 300 people and purchased him some new clothes so that he could sing and enjoy himself.

After that day, it seemed as though he started to feel regret for the fact that he had ignored his own needs. My concern broke his heart, and he suddenly felt as though he could move on with his life.

He was driven by the realization that he was still too young to end his life on the streets.

This gave him motivation. The moment has come for him to adopt a more positive outlook on life. He had the impression that his life had a purpose to it.

Because I am his only son, I gave birth to a daughter, who is now his granddaughter, five months ago. My father found in her the ideal inspiration to kick his drug habit, and he did so in order to be with her.

The current state can be summarized as follows:

It should be brought to everyone’s attention that in June of the previous year, Alexandro checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic in order to receive assistance from professionals there.

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