A large group of bald eagles is gathering on the boat’s deck while an Alaskan fisherman feeds them… But see what happened next…

Watch the video below…

Eagles are one of the most significant and well-known symbols associated with the United States. Eagle sightings, on the other hand, are extremely uncommon in the United States.

However, there is one region that is home to the greatest number of bald eagles than any other, and that region is Alaska. Over six hundred eagles call this place their home.

Eagles travel all the way to Dutch Harbor in quest of food because it is the most productive fishing field not only in Alaska but maybe in the entire world.

Because the waterways around here are so full of seafood, the fisherman always make sure to save a little bit for the eagles. This time, a man made the decision to record the beautiful scene on film.

This individual started tossing prawns in front of the eagles when he obtained a bowl that was completely full of them.

The birds started congregating on the deck and foraging for food there. Within a short amount of time, the ship was populated by dozens of regal eagles.

After providing food for these amazing birds, the fisherman proceeded to video them as they foraged.

Seeing a large concentration of bald eagles in one location is a sight that is both fascinating and breathtaking.

Any person who has a passion for birds would savor this moment just as much as the fisherman does. The photographs quickly gained widespread attention and were viewed by millions of people.

The description that the fisherman added to his video was “Just another day in Alaska.”

Watch the video…

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