The staff saw that these two cute dogs had a close relationship, so they set up their wedding.․․ Cute story…

What a wonderful celebration of marriage!

You are about to meet Walnut and San Antonio, two adorable canines whose previous owners surrendered them to the animal shelter.

There, they had their first encounter and quickly became close friends.

They were more closely attached to one another as a result of the fact that they both had to go through a number of medical operations.

As a result, they were successful in overcoming all of the challenges together.

The employees of the shelter came to the conclusion that their relationship was really healthy and made the decision to marry them after planning an amazing ceremony.

There was a slice of cake, some soap bubbles, a red carpet, and some humorous music.

A celebration was held on the occasion, and all of the helpers and volunteers were invited.

Because they were the focus of everyone’s attention and received exactly what they desired, the dogs were content despite the general upbeat mood that pervaded the room.

They are now available for adoption thanks to the efforts of the team.

They are confident that the new owners will recognize that it is impossible for this pair to coexist in separate homes and will adopt them together as a result.

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