An elephant interrupts a journalist during a report… See what he does after that…

The man who was filming a story for the news is startled when an elephant walks in front of the camera, and the man can’t help but laugh out loud.

Alvin Kaunda, a journalist for KBC News, was just going about his normal workday when he decided to approach some elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage in order to film a segment for the station. However, things did not go as planned.

The current drought in Kenya is the worst it has been in the last four decades, and local authorities estimate that extreme weather is responsible for the deaths of twenty times more elephants than poaching.

According to The Washington Post, a report that was just recently made public by the country’s Department of Tourism and Wildlife indicated that the cause of death for more than one thousand species, including wildebeest, zebra, elephant, and buffalo, was human activity.

Kaunda revealed to a local radio station in Kenya that he knew he wanted to do a picture shoot at the orphanage where he would talk in front of the elephants.

Kaunda said this while he was in Kenya. But he was having trouble finishing his report and had already tried 10 different approaches without any success.

An elephant uses his trunk to get the attention of a journalist.

He said:

“I maintained my distance, but I was so intent on what I was doing that I was completely unaware that they were approaching.”

It is possible to see Kaunda at the beginning of what would later become a viral moment with a microphone in his hand while he is standing amid numerous elephants.

Although it seems as though Kindani, one of the younger resident elephants, is relaxed in the background, the trainer really wanted to get her going. “Let’s go,” murmured a faint voiceover.

Kaunda takes a deep breath and directs his attention to the camera before beginning his report. He is hoping that this time he will be able to acquire a photograph that he can utilize.

However, Kindani, the baby elephant who is only 4 years old, appears to have different ideas.

The reporter eventually gives up, lets out a high-pitched laugh, and ultimately busts out laughing when the elephant’s trunk begins to smell his face. This occurs as Kindani’s trunk begins to contact the reporter’s nose and mouth.

People from all around the world became immediately engrossed in the conversation that took place on social media despite the fact that it lasted for less than a minute.

Staff members of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust tweeted:

“The vast majority of us would have abandoned our professional responsibilities far earlier!

An essential article about the drought, but our orphans have just seen a visitor, so they have to go explore!

The orphanage is responsible for the successful rearing of more than 300 orphan elephants and is committed to the protection of elephants in the wild through anti-poaching efforts.

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