The way the young Toto Cutugno sang “L’Italiano” made the audience fall in love with him forever. Watch the video…

Watch the video below…

A beautiful singing voice and a beautiful young child. Well done!

The television initiative known as “Voice of Children” gave a multitude of up-and-coming artists the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of the entire nation.

Already, a good number of program participants are progressing in their chosen fields. Raffaele Papadia immediately established himself as one of the most well-liked competitors in the third season of the well watched project.

The young youngster made the decision to perform the well-known song “L’italiano.” She discusses the most common generalizations about Italy as well as the everyday life that every citizen of this nation observes in the world around them.

Many people believe that Adriano Celentano was the first person to perform this piece of music, as it was written specifically for him and he was the one who first sung it.

In point of fact, however, the singer declined to perform it, and as a result, the creator, Toto Cutugno, did it himself. There have been a lot of different versions of this song covered.

Not only in Italy, but also in several other nations all around the world, the bell never stops ringing. Since before ten years ago, she has been the object of affection and longing.

This hit will be performed in a manner that is both artistically and aesthetically stunning by Raffaele Papadia.

Everyone on the jury was taken aback; how could such a young child behave in such a brazen manner? The participant in the initiative stated that someone else had already stolen his heart.

He came to the show “The Voice” in order to demonstrate to his cherished that he is deserving of the love they share. In addition to that, Raffaele already performs in his own shows!

Be sure to watch the performance of the young gentleman who won over everyone with his magnetic presence in the video that can be found further down.

It’s a wonderful thing. Bravo.

Watch the video…

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