Nicole Kidman’s phone was tapped and spied on before she split from Tom Cruise and lost her second child.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were married.

As expected, their admirers and the public wanted to know about their relationship. The Australian-American actress said that Cruise’s continuous scrutiny wore them down.

She added that they were in love and safe. Kidman said she was Tom’s wife, not herself, when discussing the romance.

“I thought I didn’t deserve to be there in my own right, so at all times I wasn’t there as Nicole, I was there as Tom’s wife,” she said.

The Australian said she relied exclusively on her ex-spouse, making their relationship seem like a fairy tale to her and others. “Naive and impetuous,” she married at 23.

When their bubble cracked, the “Eyes Wide Shut” star said it was hard to face reality. As a shock, she required time to heal.

Kidman endured “extreme agony” nearly immediately after marrying. The “Big Little Lies” star was ready to have children at 23.

She said:

“I always wanted kids.”

Ectopic pregnancy took their first child. However, some media said the actress miscarried.

She then emphasized that her first pregnancy was not a miscarriage. She said the news was misreported.

After losing, the actors tried another way to have a happy family. They adopted Isabella Jane, born 1992, and Connor Anthony, born 1995.

Scientology estranged Kidman from Cruise and his children.

The actor, a Scientologist, adopted his children from impoverished parents through his church.

Before Kidman could enjoy parenthood, her marriage to Cruise deteriorated.

Mike Rinder, a former Scientologist, said the histrion’s faith contributed to their divorce.

In his book, Rinder said Cruise was too busy filming “Eyes Wide Shut” in 1997 to talk to church head David Miscavige.

Miscavige, who called the actor often, was alarmed. Marty Rathbun “audited” Cruise.

They guided the actor through his life to reduce negativity. No matter the person or position.

Miscavige wanted Tom to convert. He was working too hard with his wife.

The Scientologist director thought Kidman would prevent the actor from returning to his old convictions.

She was introduced to the church, but her ex-husband was more devout. The Scientology founder hated psychologists and psychiatrists, although her father was a psychiatrist. Current movement leaders share this aversion.

The actor had a serious talk. Cruz offered to wiretap his wife’s phone to verify his Scientology commitment.

The movement’s leaders enthusiastically supported this plan, believing Nicole could reveal Scientology’s secrets to non-Scientologists. Unfortunately, the tape authors did not specify the wiretapping outcomes.

One former Scientologist told the documentary producers that he believed the group sought to “brainwash” Tom and Nicole’s children and turn them against their mother.

Cruise divorced Kidman several years after their 1997 film.

Nicole’s Divorce

With her second pregnancy, the Australian-American celebrity endured her first and only miscarriage. Divorce continued. In 2001, the actors separated.

Miscavige was relieved when Tom and Nicole divorced. Rinder stated Cruise’s public backing of Scientology and Miscavige increased.

After the divorce, the children lived with their father and attended church. Their adoptive mother was estranged.

Kidman blames church.

Bella, the actors’ daughter, interviewed former churchgoer Leah Rimini in 2006. The young woman revealed that her adopted mother was oppressive and that she had never had a relationship with her.

Even though she lived in Bella’s city, she was not invited to her daughter’s wedding in 2015.

Connor, like his sister, will likely not invite his adoptive mother to his wedding to Silvia, according to sources.

Kidman blamed the church for her children’s estrangement. The actress believes the religion caused her divorce from Cruise.

Despite her beliefs, she loves her children and welcomes them. “They have made the decision to be Scientologists,” Nicole said.

She’s married and has children.

Kidman was lucky to find love again after ten years as Tom Cruise’s wife. She was mature when she met country artist Keith Urban.

“I met him later in life,” the actress said. “That man is the nicest thing that happened to me,” she exclaimed.

Nicole’s second love was ideal. Sunday, their first daughter, was born two years after they married in 2006. Faith arrived in 2010.

The “Aquaman” actress has revealed that her husband, with whom she has spent sixteen years, has blessed her.

Nicole is happy with her family, despite wanting more.

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