A bridal dress became art in two years in the Dead Sea… See it before and after…

Sigalit Landau, an artist from Israel, spent her childhood on the shores of the Dead Sea. Her fascination and awe for the body of water on the world that contains the highest concentration of salt dates back to her youth.

When Sigalit began dabbling in the arts, salt quickly emerged as one of her go-to mediums for sculpting and painting. The most recent addition is an unconventional wedding outfit.

After two years of having the dress buried in the water of the Dead Sea, Sigalit Landau was able to take out a dress that was truly a work of art after the allotted amount of time had passed.

Sigalit Landau is an Israeli artist who has already created a number of works with salt from the Dead Sea. The Salt Bride is the name of her most recent creative endeavor.

In preparation for it, she submerged a bridal dress in the water of the Dead Sea, and then she got ready to wait.

The play “Dibbuk,” which was written by Roy Henna in 1916, served as a source of motivation for the artist.

It relates the narrative of a Hasidic girl who is about to marry a guy from a wealthy family, but she is possessed by the ghost of her dead lover. The wedding is set to take place.

A performance of Dybbuk in the 1920s featured Sigalit Landau in a frock that was an identical reproduction of the one worn by the heroine in the play.

Sigalit Landau took this outfit for her project. Sigalit would frequently check on the clothing as she submerged it in the ocean and observed how the salt crystals accumulated on it.

This transformation, as stated by the artist, was designed to be a representation of the road that the protagonist of “Dybbuk” traveled, in addition to the relationship that the artist herself had with the Dead Sea.

In spite of this, Sigalit’s original vision for the project did not completely come to fruition…

According to Sigalit Landau, “Year after year I learnt more and more about this incredible location below the surface of the world’s oceans.”

“Magic resides in this place, inspiring new endeavors, thoughts, and realizations.” It’s almost as if you’ve landed on another planet and are suddenly confronted with a whole new society as well as ideas about how time should be measured.

Sigalit had a general notion of how the outfit would change in appearance after being submerged in salt water for two years.

She did not attempt to intervene in the process in any way and instead gave it over fully to the variables.

The artist was taken aback by the great weight of her new creation, which had become incredibly heavy as a result of the countless salt crystals that had been included into the piece.

They were required to bring in specialized equipment in order to retrieve the dress from the water.

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