She is 22 and her hubby is 35 years older: The girl explained why she choose this old groomsman…

This decision was met with such vocal opposition from my family and my close friends.

Undoubtedly, a student who was 22 years old made the decision to include in her bridal party a man who was 35 years her senior.

Because of the intense backlash that this decision received from the girl’s family and friends, she was forced to make a lengthy video in which she explained why she intended to wed the guy in question.

Brightney first made James’ acquaintance in a casino. The gentleman became aware of her when, at the conclusion of the party, a stunning student placed an order for nine sandwiches, which is obviously not typical behavior for a casino.

James extended an invitation to the young lady to have breakfast at a different location, and the student accepted.

The man showed Brightney a nice restaurant, behaved courteously, and appeared to have what it takes to earn Brightney’s affection.

Brightney gave her OK for a second get-together, and soon after that, things progressed to the point where they were dating.

Despite the fact that he is continuously subjected to criticism, the couple has been seeing each other for the past 14 months.

“They claim I picked James because of his financial situation.” It’s true that he presented me with a Maserati, but that’s not the point. According to Brightney, “I like James as a person, and that’s the most important thing!”

James is also certain that the student chose him due to the personal traits he possesses.

The fact that the man gives financial support to the individual who is selected is not denied by him. However, he thinks nothing of it and views it as entirely normal.

On the other hand, the fact that James’s daughters disapprove causes him some inconvenience. Both parties feel that Brightney was only interested in financial gain.

The couple has decided to tie the knot in the not-too-distant future. It is highly improbable that they will be successful in changing the opinion of their loved ones and close friends.

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