At a depth of 20 meters found a city 9 thousand years old. This is amazing…

Watch the video below…

At a depth of twenty meters, an ancient city was discovered off the shore of the Levantine region. Atlit-Yam has been around for around 9 thousand years.

Additionally, a peculiar well can be seen right in the middle of the drowned town. Its shaft leads dives considerably deeper.

There is a total land area of 40,000 square meters within the city limits. Large homes, some of which were constructed on multiple levels, may be found in this region.

Warehouses that were still stocked with commodities were discovered on the outskirts of Atlit Yam, leading researchers to the conclusion that the hamlet had been abruptly deserted.

“Most likely, we are discussing an enormous and unexpected tsunami. At least 30 meters were added to the height of the wave.

Residents were forced to evacuate their homes, and the city was completely submerged,” recounted Maria Pareschi, one of the people responsible for making the find.

The enormous stone circle-well was the focus of the majority of archeologists’ attention, though. There are seven megaliths that go into its construction, and each one weighs roughly 600 kilos.

Nearly another 40 meters will be lost as you continue down the descent:

It is likely that in the distant past, the well served a ceremonial role. Today, when viewed from below, it appears at least peculiar.

Watch the video…

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