The cafe director created an unusual test for his staff and…

People who are homeless are excluded from society; those who encounter them are often avoided and avoided discussion if possible.

In public areas, it is as if they do not notice them at all, and they may even be escorted out of a café or store if they make a nuisance of themselves.

Maria was working as a waitress in a modest restaurant in the state of Texas. A man entered the establishment during her shift and took a seat at one of the tables.

The appearance of the stranger made it quite evident that he was in a precarious financial situation and might not be able to pay for his lunch.

Because the management had made it plain the day before that if a waiter served a customer who had nothing to pay, the cost of the meal would be removed from the waiter’s paycheck, the staff at the café didn’t even bother to look at the homeless man.

In defiance of the warning, Maria went over to the table and said:

“My name is Maria. Just let me know what it is that you require, and I will see to it that you have it.

The customer placed his order, consumed his meal, paid his bill, and then exited the restaurant, but not before leaving a gratuity of one hundred dollars.

Maria was astounded to see a note attached to the bill, which startled her just as much as the generous contributions made by random visitors.

“Dear Maria, I show my tremendous admiration for you. I can tell that you are respectful toward yourself as well…

It’s obvious to me in the manner that you interact with other people. The handwritten message, which was signed by the proprietor of the cafe, stated, “You have found the secret to happiness, and your good deeds will be an example for other people who know you.”

It was made abundantly apparent that this was a test! The proprietor of the establishment had pretended to be homeless so that the employees of the café could gauge how they should respond to him.

It goes without saying that Maria had no idea about any of this. She acted in accordance with her morals and did not show favoritism toward any of the patrons of the establishment.

The proprietor of the coffee shop was so moved by Maria’s deed that she not only showered her with generous tips but also elevated the young woman to the position of manager.

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