This 86-year-old woman has lived for seven years on a cruise ship but then this happened…

She gave up everything she owned in order to follow the dream she had always had. Now she enjoys life to the fullest while traveling the world and living on a cruise ship.

In order to be able to spend the rest of her life traveling without interruption, the woman used up all of her savings and sold all of her belongings in Florida.

Seven years in exact increments. This is the amount of time that Lee Wachtsatter has spent living on a cruise ship called the Crystal Serenity.

The retiree acknowledges that, throughout all of these years, she has never once second-guessed the choice that she made.

The American woman’s lifelong passion was for exploring new places. In 1962, she embarked on her very first voyage to sea.

Currently, she is on the second leg of her 283rd voyage. Mrs. Lee invests a significant amount of money each year into bringing her vision to life.

She will, in exchange for this sum of money, reside in a private luxurious stateroom, sample all of the cuisine served on the ship’s restaurants, and participate in evenings spent ballroom dancing.

In addition to that, the senior citizen goes to the movies, attends lectures, and participates actively in all of the available forms of amusement.

“The members of the crew work hard to ensure that I am content at all times. Some of them are already considered members of my family.

If they do not already possess what I require, I have no doubt that they will be able to locate it. Even in the event that they had to spend the entirety of their time on land during a layover in order to obtain it,” she says.

Only “Mama Lee” is ever used to refer to the retiree anywhere on the ship. No other name is ever used.

As a side note, Mama Lee continues to shop for her own clothes. And if you’re a fashionista, you’ll have a leg up on the competition if you hang around with her.

The woman exclaims with enthusiasm that after traveling to one hundred different places, she is certain that Istanbul is the city that offers the best opportunities for shopping.

I just can’t help but go to the Grand Bazaar whenever I’m in Istanbul. The clothes worn there are just stunning. And you may use them to your full advantage when ballroom dancing.

And when it comes to shopping, I am the first one in line,” says Mama Lee.

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