Julia Roberts wrote a message to women where she…

“Perfection is an illness that afflicts many different countries. We put a significant amount of makeup on our faces.

In an effort to obtain the “ideal size,” we subject ourselves to regular Botox injections and severe caloric restriction.

We put effort into fixing things that don’t require it in the least. And the things that we ought to be attending to in the first place are not receiving the attention that they deserve.

Do you have any idea what that is?

It is our very essence. A spirit that is in desperate need of a great deal of care and attention. It’s high time that something was done about it.

If you don’t love yourself, how can you ever expect someone else to love you? After making changes to your look, would you now say that you are satisfied with who you are? No.

It is very important that you fully get the following concept: it makes no difference what you appear to be on the outside if you are absolutely devoid of any content on the inside.

Today I would like to announce to everyone that I will no longer put up with wearing cosmetics. I’m sick of looking like I’m wearing someone else’s face, therefore I don’t want to put on any more makeup.

It’s time to take off our disguises. I am well aware that I have wrinkles, yet I am eager to observe them. After all, I am the genuine version of myself.

I would love it if you could just accept me for who I am.

Are you aware that false aesthetics govern the world and keep us confined in the prison of our own illusions about how we appear?

We are compelled to adhere to the canons of beauty that have been imposed upon us, rather than living our lives and following our natural inclinations.

However, do you know what?

I can’t take it any longer. And I tell myself to hold it there. I put up the challenge to each of you to pause and think about who you truly are and what it is that you truly desire.

Always keep in mind who you are.

Nobody will ever possess a hundred percent of beauty. The outward appearance of a person is the least important quality to take into consideration while judging them.

The human spirit is the only thing that matters.

Always keep that in your mind.

Words that are both incredibly truthful and extremely potent! Our age places a significant amount of emphasis on one’s outward appearance while ignoring the importance of one’s inner self.

However, we are all aware that there must be harmony in everything.

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