Sylvester Stallone’s son is now 40, how his fate turned out, and what he is doing now.

The label of “autism” followed Sylvester Stallone around for a good portion of his adult life. At first, it was believed that the ailment was caused by the performer himself.

However, after some time had passed, the physicians changed their minds and decided that Sylvester’s speech issues were caused by a birth trauma instead.

But a few years later, when the actor was already involved in a different setting, this prognosis came back to haunt him.

Stallone and his wife were overjoyed to welcome their second child into the world when they became parents for the second time.

The young people were not bashful about exhibiting the baby boy to the public, and they named him Sergio because they thought it was a beautiful name.

The child actor even appeared in the film beside his own father at one point. He took on the part of Rocky’s son in the play. He was never seen on screen ever again after that.

The child’s final public appearance, when he was three years old, was the last time he “lit up” in front of an audience.

Sergio was featured alongside Sylvester Stallone on the cover of an issue of a magazine. However, as time went on, the boy’s parents became aware of an odd behavior from their son.

Sergio lacked interest in the world around him, did not communicate with his older brother, and did not want to play with him. The young boy’s favorite things to do were draw and listen to music.

It was impossible to discern any communication traits in him at all. In the end, the parents made the decision to take the infant to the pediatrician.

That’s how they came to the conclusion that Sergio suffered from autism. At first, Sylvester Stallone wished that the diagnosis would not turn out to be accurate. But it didn’t…

After that point, Sergio’s mother was in charge of guiding his growth and development. On the other hand, Stallone started putting in long hours at the office so that he could adequately support his family.

After a great deal of research, it was determined that the boy’s brain is unharmed and has the potential to be educated.

Sergio had a chance to develop normally as a child like the other kids.

The infant started to speak in short words and even occasionally responded to what was going on around them as a result of the work that was done with specialists.

He found a lot of motivation from watching the “Rocky” movies.

The struggle was too much for Stallone’s family to bear, and the pair eventually parted ways as a result.

Sylvester provides financial assistance to his ex-wife and does everything he can to look after his youngest son.

He went as far as constructing an imitation stream in the garden for Sergio so that he could listen to the soothing sounds it made.

The actor once stated, during the course of an interview, that he and Sergio have a relationship that is more amicable.

Stallone has a hard time adjusting his kid, Sergio, to the environment in which he lives, and in order to do so, he has to put himself in the same position as Sergio does.

The son brings to mind for Stallone a malfunctioning radio. Either he is receptive to having conversations or he is entirely disconnected from the outside world.

This makes Sylvester feel quite downhearted since he had hoped that he would be able to have a genuine paternal relationship with his children and grandchildren.

An unexpected death occurred in Stallone’s oldest son’s family. Following the unfortunate event, Sylvester started paying Sergio more frequent visits.

The young man has now reached the age of forty. He is characterized by having restricted communication skills and continues to live with his mother.

Sergio has not been successful in developing relationships with the people in his environment or starting a family.

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