World Famous People with Autism… You won’t believe when you see how is one of them…

Statistics compiled by the WHO indicate that an autistic spectrum disorder is present at birth in one in every 160 children.

Children are able to adjust to society and live regular lives if they are raised in the appropriate environment. And every once in a while the entire world finds out about them.

Stanley Kubrick

Asperger’s syndrome was a condition that afflicted the brilliant director who brought the world “A Space Odyssey,” “The Shining,” and “Fullmetal Cladding.”

This condition is part of the spectrum of autism and manifests itself in a variety of ways, including difficulty interacting with other people, poor coordination of movement, abnormal perfectionism, and underdeveloped empathy.

Stanley Kubrick has an extraordinary eye for the smallest of details.

Working for Stanley Kubrick was challenging for the vast majority of actors.

He was impolite to the people he was responsible for, ignored their issues, and demanded absolutely unacceptable things from them.

For instance, the production of “Shine” required Shelley Duvall (who played Wendy) to perform the same scene 147 times. Because of the strain, the actress started to experience hair loss.

The actor Robin Williams

Despite the fact that several aspects of actor Robin Williams’ life seemed to hint to him having Asperger syndrome, no one ever diagnosed him with the condition throughout his lifetime.

Those who were close to him observed that he was completely awkward in social situations.

Because patients with Asperger’s syndrome frequently have to combat “side” conditions like bipolar disorder, his struggle with depression, which he subsequently overcame, can also serve as a pointer to the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome.

The death of Robin Williams occurred by his own hand on August 11, 2014.

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle, originally from Scotland, won a national talent show in the United Kingdom in 2009 with the song “I Dreamed A Dream,” which catapulted her to popularity on a global scale.

Readers who are easily moved to tears may shed a few when reading the pre-triumph biography of the performer. Susan, who was born into a poor, large Irish family in Scotland, was given the diagnosis of irreparable brain damage from hypoxia at birth.

More specifically, her parents were given the diagnosis. After some time, this girl’s family decided that “mentally retarded” was the best explanation for all of her peculiar behaviors.

Susan Boyle spent the majority of her life with the diagnosis of “mentally retarded.”

Susan became disabled after finishing high school and working as a cook’s helper for a period of six months.

She then relied on a meager pension to support herself because she had been ridiculed at school and had poor academic performance.

She was forced to constantly fight off feelings of anxiety and melancholy on a regular basis. However, she secretly harbored the hope that one day she might have a career as a singer.

Boyle went to get checked out by a doctor as soon as she became famous, and she was given the right diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome.

Love, Courtney

The troubled past of the flamboyant icon of the American rock scene is shrouded in mystery. Her father was found guilty of giving her LSD, and as a result, he lost his parental rights.

Courtney Love was forced to live with her mother following the breakup of her parents’ marriage. Her mother quickly found new love and moved in with her new husband in a communal hippie setting.

Courtney’s relationships with her classmates were difficult, and she struggled academically, despite the fact that her teachers considered her to be smart.

At the age of nine, she was given a diagnosis of an early form of autism.

Courtney Love had the consistent impression that she did not belong.

Because she had stolen a T-shirt from a store when she was just 14 years old, the girl was placed in an institution for juvenile delinquents.

After being set free, she made the decision to rely exclusively on herself, particularly considering that her mother had already spent a significant amount of time living in New Zealand, which is where she met her new partner.

After a lengthy and controversial search for who she was (during which she did things like study theology and work part-time as a stripper, for example), Love eventually got involved in the film industry, created the punk band The Hole, and married Kurt Cobain.

You can see the vast chasm that exists between her and society in many of her song lyrics, such as in “Retard Girl.”

Mr. Bill Gates

Even if Bill Gates is not the most renowned person who has autism, he is unquestionably the wealthiest.

Experts are unsure whether or not he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome; yet, the efforts of his wealthy parents ensured that their son’s peculiarities did not impede his academic progress in any way.

Bill’s upbringing instilled in him from a young age a drive to be the best at all he does and to always be learning new things.

While the other kids were chasing a ball, he was reading Leonardo da Vinci’s writings and looking at his sketches.

Bill Gates has maintained his position as one of the three richest persons on the planet for many years.

Already at the age of 12, he had arrived at the conclusion that the thing that would change the future was not machines but rather programming.

In 1975, he and his friend Paul Allen established Microsoft, a company that would go on to flip the world upside down by democratizing access to computers for those who were not trained in computer programming.

The majority of the company’s income are given to the philanthropic foundation that Gates established.

The actor Anthony Hopkins.

The fact that the actor from “The Silence of the Lambs” had Asperger’s syndrome wasn’t brought to public attention until he was eighty years old.

Because of his dyslexia, which kept him from being able to read and write as a young man, he did not do well in school, and as a result, he made the decision relatively early on to dedicate his life to the arts.

He taught himself how to play the piano but never really got very far with it. He was fortunate enough to meet the actor Richard Burton when he was 15 years old; as a result of this encounter, he started taking acting classes himself.

“A good number of persons who have Asperger’s are able to function normally; yet, they are very…inconsistent. They suffer from nervous tics, ailments, and compulsive thoughts and behaviors. Absolutely, I am not like other individuals in any way.

It’s one of my favorite pastimes, along with examining the behavior of other people and the characters in novels and movies.

Anthony Hopkins revealed this information in an interview he gave shortly after finding out his diagnosis. “I take them apart,” he said.

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