The mystery of Michael Jackson’s famous “antigravity tilt” is finally solved…

The music video for Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” was initially made available to the public in the 88th year of the 20th century.

Fans of the singer were taken aback not so much by the track itself as they were by the performer’s impressive dance movements.

He made the decision to defy the pull of gravity at one point, and as a result, he was able to lean forward as much as 45 degrees without even bending his body or shaking.

After the initial excitement died down, many people speculated that Michael Jackson was being restrained by cables.

But Michael made the decision to pique his fans’ interest in him as a person while also surprising them further. During one of his shows, he performed the stunt in front of a live audience.

In addition, there were no visible cables wrapped around the star. But how was it that the average person was able to do it?

The secret behind the tilt was unveiled at a later time.

It was revealed that Michael, together with two other inventive individuals, was responsible for the creation of a one-of-a-kind device that enabled him to successfully pull off the trick.

The performer’s feet were anchored to the ground by the use of specialized shoes.

Although Michael Jackson was known for his love of unique footwear throughout his career, the stunt shoes had a very unremarkable appearance, and the only thing that made them stand out was the rather thick heel.

However, the particular shoes were keeping a secret from you. Their heels have recesses in the shape of triangular triangles on the side of the sole.

There were special hooks that, at the appropriate time, were taken out of the stage and almost “fixed” the singer so that he could bend over and demonstrate to the audience the marvels of antigravity.

By the way, Michael and his assistant inventors were awarded a patent for their one-of-a-kind shoes in the year 1993.

Jackson continued to shock his audience with the act until the year 1996. During that particular year, Michael performed in Moscow while he was on tour in Russia.

He had every intention of performing the stunt once more, but unfortunately, something went wrong. The broken peg was the result of an improperly locked peg.

And Jackson took a tumble, but he walked away from it without any significant injuries.

Following the performance, both the shattered shoes and the obsession were taken to the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow, where they remained until the musician’s passing.

Then, at another one of the auctions, they were sold for an incredible sum of sixty thousand dollars when they went under the hammer.

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