Homeless woman bagged guests’ leftovers: The girl’s gesture made her cry.

In most cases, the most beautiful and eagerly anticipated occasion is the period leading up to the holidays, during which time individuals can get together with their loved ones and share a meal.

However, not everyone has the financial means to live such a comfortable life.

There are perhaps some people who don’t celebrate holidays because they don’t have any close friends or family members to do it with.

Or even for those who are content to simply be fed the leftovers of others on those days and are pleased to do so.

During the winter holidays, this lovely girl named Carmen Mendes went out for a stroll and dinner with her boyfriend on one of the days.

They were at a restaurant waiting for their freshly prepared supper when she observed a homeless woman standing near the entrance to the establishment.

The woman was requesting that the other people, both eaters and travellers, give her their unused food.

Some people chose to ignore her completely, while others would simply throw their garbage in front of her as they walked by.

Because Carmen found the situation to be so moving, she was left with a profound impression and made the decision to give hers with a smile and an attitude of respect.

Then, when she met her at the entry, she presented her food to her, but all of a sudden, she had the impression that she had done something incorrectly.

As Carmen mentioned, she had spent many years working with the homeless, which earned her a certain reverence for those individuals.

She soon changed her mind and requested the woman to sit down with her so that she could have a freshly prepared supper because she was hungry.

Almost immediately, Carmen placed an order for freshly prepared chicken strips and fried potatoes, then she requested that the other person be allowed to eat first.

The woman was brought to tears by the thoughtful act, which left a lasting impression on her.

After that, they comforted one another with a heartfelt embrace!

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