Every day, a small girl waved at a policeman. When she didn’t, the heroic officer rushed to her home and saw this…

Get to know Sebastian, a courageous law enforcement officer with a large heart who is absolutely committed to his job.

He has more than twenty years of experience on the force and takes his responsibilities as a police officer very seriously.

Sebastian is also held in very high esteem by his contemporaries and coworkers, and he is considered a hero in the neighborhood where he lives.

He made it a habit to say hello to his regulars on the way to his work responsibilities each day.

Among those folks, a young girl grew up to be a sweet young girl, and she would always wave at Sebastian whenever she saw him.

She made it a habit to give him a friendly wave every day at precisely the same time of day from the window of the second story of the enormous mansion.

On the other hand, the knowledgeable expert finally realized one day that the lovely young lady was not hiding behind the glass.

He began to become concerned about the child since he believed that something had transpired with her case, and that she would be present.

As a result, the concerned officer made the decision to summon her fellow officers and initiate an urgent operation to locate and search for the house.

They quickly organized themselves into a police group and dashed over to the residence.

Sebastian’s imagination conjured up a terrible scenario in which the girl would be victimized by the events described in the novel.

When they entered the house, however, they discovered that it was vacant and that the girl’s room had been recently cleaned and was well-appointed.

In addition to the FBI officers, those individuals who came not for the girl or her father were warmly greeted.

Sebastian became perplexed, and it found out that the father of the child was attempting to flee the country.

In addition to this, a large number of individuals were looking for him.

That explains why he and his daughter never ventured out of the house in the first place—they didn’t want to be seen!

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