She lost 352 lbs and looked like this!

Nikki Weber, who lives in the United States, is just 34 years old, but she has put on a significant amount of weight since she was a child as a result of mindlessly gobbling sweets and fatty foods.

After the girl reached her teenage years, she came to the conclusion that she needed to reduce her weight and made several attempts to follow various diet plans.

But every time she reached her breaking point, she binged on sugary and greasy foods.

As soon as she reached a weight of 650 pounds, she got the epiphany that something needed to be done differently in her life.

Then Nikki practically could not walk or get out of bed without the assistance of another person, so she moved into the house with her parents.

Her mother did not consider her daughter’s problem to be a global issue, and she did not attempt to steer her daughter toward a healthy way of life.

They even devised a one-of-a-kind device to bring food up to her on the second floor where she was staying.

A solution arrived in the form of a program named “My Whole 661 Pounds.” Nikki was extended an invitation to take part in the program.

The program offers assistance to overweight individuals and encourages them to achieve their weight loss goals.

The young lady had surgery to reduce the size of her stomach, and nutritionists worked with her to develop a customized eating plan.

Nikki was really concerned, and she had her doubts about whether or not she would be able to control herself and whether or not she would be successful; nevertheless, her worries were unfounded.

She was able to gather herself together and triumph over all of her anxieties. She lost 198 pounds as a direct result of the operation.

Nikki was successful in losing a total of 352 pounds and then underwent a second procedure to remove unwanted sagging skin, which weighed as much as 55 pounds combined.

Nikki currently weighs 198 pounds, but she has no intention of staying at this weight because she stays active and walks a great deal every day.

Nikki is still having a hard time believing that she has successfully shed all of her excess weight and transformed into a stunning woman who leads a regular life.

Nikki first became acquainted with her future husband, Marcus, in the gym. They were instantly smitten with one another and fell in love.

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