60-year-old janitor who walks miles to work falls to his knees after colleagues do this…

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Robert Reid is the name of the janitor, and he is sixty years old at the moment.

It took him fewer than four months at Farmington Elementary School to earn the admiration and affection of his fellow students and teachers. Even the rowdy students of the Tennessee hamlet of Germantown like him, and that says a lot.

Because Robert is such an open and honest person who is also always willing to lend a hand, he was quickly noticed.

Because he did not have access to his own vehicle, commuting to work each day was a challenge for him.

Colleagues who were aware of this situation decided to take matters into their own hands and started a fundraising campaign so that he could purchase a vehicle.

Someone who must take three buses to get to work and then walk many kilometers after getting off those buses has a difficult life.

Especially if it includes physical effort and cleaning the entire school building. However, Robert was able to make it through by working five days a week without missing a single shift.

After his shift was over, he headed home, a journey that once again required him to take three buses and walk three kilometers. The trip back took a total of four hours.

The fact that Robert was well liked by his coworkers was an advantage, as it increased the likelihood that he would at least be driven to the bus stop on occasion.

Robert has worked hard at work trying to save up enough money to purchase a van.

He had a fantasy that following the completion of this purchase, he would launch his own company and start doing landscaping professionally.

After Robert’s coworkers became aware of the challenges he faces on a daily basis, they made the decision to start a fundraising campaign in order to buy him a van. It just took 21 hours to collect $7,000 from donors.

Robert began by getting on his knees and then proceeded to give the instructor who had organized the fundraiser a hug.

When he found out that his goal had come true, he was overcome with emotion and could not decide whether to laugh or cry.

Watch the video…

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