The unusual dancer was mocked until she became famous….

Meet Lizzy Howell, a dancer who is both gifted and dedicated to her craft.

However, throughout her years of dancing, she has been subjected to unkind remarks on her appearance and weight, which she has had to endure.

Despite this, it remained her passion, and she eventually triumphed over the difficulties and obstacles that stood in her way.

Lizzy was able to get through challenging periods, such as the ones she has experienced as a result of her impairment, with the help of dancing.

In addition, due of her weight, she has always been the subject of ridicule over the years in which she has progressed further into the classic dance.

However, because she was such a courageous and determined young woman, no one was able to prevent her from achieving her greatest ambition of becoming a dancer.

As Lizzy made her announcement, she was trying to recall the motivation that kept her dancing ballet.

Then, she had the epiphany that she could not fathom a time in her life when she did not dance.

It was simply her passion!

The reason why Lizzy can only get in her tap and ballet practice twice a week is because her schedule is already jam-packed with other activities.

Lizzy started posting videos to her Instagram and telling her tale on the platform so that she could keep her family up to date on her recovery.

She can’t even fathom it, yet her videos became viral very quickly, becoming themes that many people found to be really encouraging and motivating.

Nevertheless, she serves as an example to look up to for people who are lacking in bravery and self-assurance.

She encourages them to have a positive attitude and get an early start on something very important for them, just like she did when she was in their position.

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