After almost 70 years, a desperate mother discovers her daughter survived.․․

When this woman, Genevieve, found out that her infant daughter would not be able to live about seven decades ago, she was left in a state of complete and utter grief.

The life-altering news has left an indelible mark on her during these years: whenever she thought of her beautiful daughter, she was overcome with emotion and could not hold back her emotions.

On the other hand, the truth of the matter was eventually disclosed as a result of an unexpected Christmas present.

It was discovered that the young woman had given birth to her sweetheart in the city of Gary in India in the year 1949.

When she begged the nurses to give her daughter a hug, however, they informed her that her daughter would not be able to live much longer.

Even after so many years had passed, the bereaved mother was unable to forget the terrible event that occurred in her life.

However, shortly thereafter, joy knocked on her door when it found out that her daughter was still alive.

It was revealed that the hospital in Santa Barbara, California, had placed her kid with a family who had adopted her.

She is known as Connie Moultroup, and her adoptive mother passed away while she was between the ages of four and five years old.

Her mother died while she was young, but her father promptly remarried, and her life was forever altered as a result.

At the age of 10, she had to say goodbye to her biological father, which strained her connection with her new adoptive mother.

She had such a strong desire to finally get to know her biological mother that she waited until she was an adult to do it.

After that, she tied the knot and started a family, but she was still interested in telling the whole truth.

Canine’s life took an interesting turn when she fulfilled her childhood ambition of conducting a DNA test one day.

After 69 years of waiting, the two women finally got to meet and embrace one another, making this Christmas the happiest one ever for each of them.

The heartfelt moment when they all broke down in tears as they got closer to being together again

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