The Overweight Bride Took Revenge On Her Fiance

Jane has always possessed a really voluptuous appearance. Her fiance called off the wedding just before they were to exchange vows. The reason for this was her size.

Despite this, the lovely overweight girl did not become unhappy; rather, she simply made the decision to begin a new chapter in her life.

It took Jane one year to undergo significant transformations in her appearance. She went from wearing a size 22 to a size 10, and she dropped from one hundred to fifty kilograms in weight.

She is currently at one-half of that weight. The stunning woman enjoys a marked increase in self-assurance. In the past, she had the misfortune of running into her ex-fiance while out walking.

However, he did not recognize her at all. On the other hand, the guy was really intrigued by her physique. Jane didn’t even bother to greet him and instead made the decision to conceal her identity.

The young woman is confident that her exe-boyfriend would come to terms with who he has lost and feel regret as a result of it.

When Jane thinks back on her old life, she is taken aback by the bountiful body she had had. She is at a loss to comprehend the basis for her ex-continued boyfriend’s interest in her in any capacity.

At that time, her physique was a far way from being considered ideal. She consumed a staggering number of portions of spaghetti, bread, and sandwiches.

In point of fact, Jane’s goal has always been to get her weight under control.

However, she lacked the appropriate drive to succeed. But when the man she loved treated her in such a cruel manner, she was determined to show him that he had lost a gorgeous girl, not an overweight one.

She did this by telling him that she was going to lose weight. Jane is now romantically involved with her former classmate, six months after undergoing the incredible metamorphosis that she underwent.

Chris looks up to and admires his friend, and he is always cheering her on in whatever she does.

Jane believes that she was missing a lot in her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, which is why she was eating; she was trying to sublimate the emotion that she was missing into the pleasure that she could get from food.

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