USA’s oldest park ranger: Betty Reid retires at age 100…

Betty Reid Soskin, who was 100 years old when she announced her retirement, had spent more than 15 years producing her devoted service stories.

She leaves behind a wonderful legacy of duty at Home Front National Historic Parking Richmond, where she spent 15 of her most rewarding and unselfish years of professional life.

Recently, after reaching the age of 100, Soskin was recognized as the most well-known park ranger now employed in the United States.

A party open to the public was prepared by the authorities in preparation for the celebration of her retirement from active duty, which is to take place on April 16.

Therefore, the iconic figure made the official announcement that she would be retiring from the cherished task.

During the 1940s, the renowned woman who lived to be 100 years old held a job as a file clerk at a Union hall.

In the future, she and her husband, whose name is Mel Reid, would launch the record shop known as “Reid’s Records.”

However, the retail location was formally shut down in 2019, thus she was forced to hunt for work elsewhere.

After reaching the age of 89, Soskin was offered and accepted a position as a ranger with the National Park Service in 2011.

She was a reliable worker, but she also participated in community service programs, where she reminisced and discussed novel concepts at the visitor center.

The courageous woman asserted that she was extremely proud of being the primary object in introducing history, which was merely her tale. She said that she was very proud of being the primary object in introducing history.

She went on to say that it has been a rewarding experience for her to give the national park a fresh appearance.

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