How Kurt Cobain’s only daughter grew up and looks like after 30 years… She is her daddy’s copy…

It’s difficult to fathom that Kurt Cobain’s one and only child has already reached the milestone age of 30, but she recently celebrated the occasion.

In terms of both her physical look and her personality, Frances Bean Cobain is a mirror image of her famous father. She is a one-of-a-kind.

Even without knowing either of them, it is easy to tell that she is her father’s daughter because of the striking resemblance between the two.

Courtney Love, an actress and vocalist for the band Hole, gave birth to the famous musician’s only hair when she was pregnant with him 30 years ago.

As a consequence of this, Frances does not approve of the activities taken by her father because he deserted both her and her mother when she was a very small child.

Despite the fact that she is unable to completely forget him and that she considers him to be a feeble and unsustainable guy, she values his ability as a competent musician.

The beautiful young woman has taken like her dashing father in many respects, especially in terms of her appearance.

The leader of Nirvana can be recognized by her beautiful blonde hair and her captivating blue eyes. These are the most distinctive features of her appearance.

Even though Frances is more all-encompassing and makes an effort to resolve the implausibilities in her environment, she has inherited her father’s authoritative and contentious personality traits.

In addition to that, she is a huge fan of rock music, although you won’t get her listening to any of her dad’s rock albums.

Punk music is more to the charming woman’s taste than grunge, so she keeps her father’s records out of reach.

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