Because of its skin color, this blind girl was asked off the bus with her guide dog…

The heartbreaking and unjust tale of Megan Taylor, who was 22 at the time, and her best friend and guide, Rowley, has become more widespread in recent years.

The lovely and charming young girl is so attached to her cherished guide dog that the two are practically inseparable.

Rowley, who is steadfast and strong, guides his blind wife through every location they go to together.

Megan’s perspective on society changed as a result of an event in which she experienced what she saw to be discrimination.

When she was trying to board a public bus with her service dog one time, a passenger stopped her and demanded that she leave the vehicle because of the dog.

The woman claimed that her black Labrador, who yelled at her to get off the bus because of its color and prevented it from being a guardian, could not be a guardian.

Additionally, some rude passengers on the bus joined the woman and stated that she was acting blind in order to get attention from them.

The young woman even displayed the card to demonstrate that her assertions were correct.

The thoughtful girl with the disability was so close to giving up traveling public transportation, but she was overthinking something significant at the time.

She came to the conclusion that the majority of the population is still loving and nice, despite the fact that there are some people who are cruel.

As a result, she came to the conclusion that she would not alter the way that she felt about any of the people because she believed in them.

On top of that, she was always smiling and laughing with other people, making it impossible for her to be an introvert.

Thankfully, her devoted pet also encouraged her to maintain her positive attitude toward other people and to sustain her confidence in humanity.

Despite the fact that she has been blind since she was 15 years old, the kind-hearted girl has a personality that inspires trust.

In addition to this, she likes life just as it is.

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