These brave teens help countless patients on the front lines of their local fire department…

These courageous teenagers overnight become nurses and skipped out of math class to assist others in need.

Grayden Brunet, then 16 years old, signed up with one of the New York City fire departments when he was younger.

During that time, he was the youngest employee on the team; in fact, he was also the youngest employee the company had ever had.

The youngster’s fascination was so huge and consuming that he convinced two of his classmates to join him in signing up for the activity.

As a result, the courageous and responsible adolescents started working at the Sackets Harbor department.

In addition to this, they began helping during COVID-19, which was a time when tremendous amounts of support and therapy were required.

The courageous young nurses were aggressively responding to calls about heart attacks, vehicle accidents, and transporting patients to clinics as quickly as possible.

In an interview, one of the courageous three young people shared that they joined the squad even though they did not have their licenses to save the lives of patients.

Therefore, the young nurses who were courageous and kind stated that they just were unable to abdicate their role.

If they did that, their society would be without an ambulance during those trying times, as they explained earlier.

As a result, they did not go back to school; rather, they included more children in the beneficial and important project that they were working on.

As a result of their acts, they extended an invitation to five additional adolescents to volunteer in the community of 1,300 people.

All of the student nurses are 16 years old and have already been through such meaningful and formative experiences in their lives.

They have emerged as remarkable modern-day heroes and continue to be devoted to their work in the field of humanitarian activity.

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