An 89-year-old grandmother made 450 winter jackets for shelter pets…

This brave and uplifting tale serves as a wonderful illustration of love that is not conditional toward animals.

This elderly woman restores our confidence in humanity despite the fact that we rarely encounter generous and thoughtful acts from our fellow humans these days.

She may be 89 years old, but that does not stop her from being a source of joy and goodness to all around her.

Meet Maisie Green, a resident of the United Kingdom who, for the past several years, has been knitting items such as blankets and jackets to donate to the Dogs Trust.

This is an organization for the protection of animals that is based in Basildon, and they hold the work of the 89-year-old grandma who is kind in very high regard.

Her favorite hobby is knitting, and she used to be able to transform a coil of yarn into cozy handcrafted apparel.

In addition to that, she has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals and has a protective nature toward them.

Because of this, she made the decision to do something kind for the animals at her favorite shelter by providing them with her warm coats and blankets to wrap themselves in.

According to a statement made by one of the volunteers at the animal shelter, it took her three whole days to complete a single blanket for a stray dog.

Despite her advanced years, the kind-hearted grandma has such a deep love for her dogs that she devotes the majority of her time to knitting for them.

She helps them stay warm through the chilly winters by donating hand-knit sweaters that she has produced herself each year.

Our hero’s grandmother demonstrates an incredible amount of affection for the lovable pets; thank you for being so kind.

In addition, the nonprofit organization known as Dogs Trust has been active for the past 128 years, providing care for dogs that have been abandoned or rejected.

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