The little boy confusing his dad with his uncle is hilarious…

There was once a video that was posted on the internet that was quite cute and won the affection of a lot of people.

When a cute young boy couldn’t tell the two identical twins apart, it was a situation that was both hilarious and endearing all at the same time.

Both of them are members of his family, although one of them is his father. His other relative is his father’s brother.

The entire shoot was so hilarious that as soon as the video was uploaded on social media, it quickly gained widespread attention.

When the adorable baby boy by the name of Reid first saw his uncle, he was probably around 18 months old at the time.

The fact that the brothers were identical twins caused great confusion for the infant Rein when he first saw his brother.

Therefore, the most astonishing part of the story was when the adorable boy was unable to identify his biological father.

Because the two young men were so different from one another, he was unsure whether one of them was his biological father.

Therefore, the lovely reaction he had when he first realized that they are two separate people.

As if the infant was pondering the question, “Do I already have two dads?” or “well, which of them now are mine after all?”

After the video gained widespread attention, a number of parents who had children who were already close in age to one another attempted to conduct the same experiment with their children.

The results were hilariously comedic because practically all of the children were unable to differentiate between their mothers and fathers.

Every child is endearing because of the sweet and naive behaviors that they exhibit.

Because of them, life takes on a richer meaning and becomes more vivid!

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