The man in a wheelchair was able to turn an old building into his dream home…

Get to know this courageous and determined individual who was able to construct his home despite the challenging surroundings.

Even though he is confined to a wheelchair for mobility, he has never given up ambition of building and occupying a home of his own design.

He took steps and found a job that was hard enough for a disabled man.

To the man’s good fortune, he was offered the chance to purchase a derelict building for the price of ten thousand dollars.

It had been a store in the past, and it had been found in the community of Koptiaki.

A man who is physically impaired was successful in acquiring real estate close to the capital of Belarus, and as a result, his hope is very close to being realized.

On the other hand, the difficult part was still to come!

In 2011, he purchased the previous location, which was 85 square meters in size.

It is incredible that someone with his skills could transform such a run-down building into a home that is so warm and inviting.

He made the decision to relocate there with his family in order to make it their permanent home.

In spite of the fact that his loved ones and close friends did not think he would be able to triumph over obstacles while constructing them on his own, he was confident that he would.

Therefore, after the documents were complete, he did not waste any time and got straight to work on his project.

He might construct his ideal home with the assistance of seasoned construction workers and members of his own family.

They moved into their new house as soon as the last one was virtually finished being constructed so that they could live blissfully there.

The typical local man who uses a wheelchair can now say that he has accomplished his lifelong goal.

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