The students went to the wedding of one of their favorite teachers and see what happened…

The planning of a wedding is typically an event that causes many people to feel anxious and responsible.

In particular, to select the ideal bride and groom with whom to spend an entire life together, filled to the brim with joy and happiness.

And it’s worth a million times more when the bride and groom are upbeat and pleasant, as well as having wonderful personalities overall.

The bride was a kindergarten educator when she made the decision to tie the knot with her longtime companion, Mason McDowell, in the month of July.

Their case was one of a kind, and it was handled with relative ease, because both of them were genuine educators who were able to hear and empathize with the pupils they taught.

In addition, their relationship has been completely harmonious for a good number of years now.

The future husband taught third grade, and he and his new bride thought it would be nice to invite their students to their big day.

Therefore, in order to invite their students, the two of them thought it would be a good idea to collaborate.

As Alexandra had mentioned, their students were genuine sources of joy for them, and she felt fortunate to have them as part of her life.

After she uploaded the video of their wedding ceremony to TikTok and shared it, it quickly racked up more than 19 million views.

The video is quite adorable, but one of the most touching parts is when Alexandra asks her female students to be her bridesmaids.

And through their happy tears, they answered “Yes”

After that, she asked the men to be her groomsmen at the wedding.

And once more, they answered in the affirmative!

Everyone was taken aback by their kind act as well as the response of the students: such a wonderful bond between the instructors and the students!

This is very incredible in every way!

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