After his triplet daughters were born, the “Super Dad of 4” wrote his own guide for triplets…

Meet Alex Lewis, who at the age of 34 was already a father to four children.

His wife, Charlotte, surprised him with some wonderful information, which immediately turned him into the happiest father in the entire world.

After three years of trying, they were successful in having another child the year before last.

IVF cost the couple a total of 8,000 euros, and throughout it all, they maintained the hope that one day their wish would be granted.

Soon after, they found out that the mother was carrying three babies at once and would give birth to all of them simultaneously.

On the other hand, the physicians feared that not every single one of them would survive.

The couple had the choice of having both of their babies surgically removed in order to focus on caring for the one who was healthy.

However, they turned down the offer.

Thankfully, on April 6 both of these sisters who are identical in every way were born.

Wonderfully, their names are Annabella Rose, Florence Violet, and Lottie Bluebell.

Therefore, after remaining in the hospital for a total of three weeks, they were discharged and permitted to return home.

However, after they had the triplets, life got a lot more hectic and challenging for them.

Therefore, the concerned father came to the conclusion that he should charge his guide with looking after her triplet daughters.

He started an Instagram account in order to offer updates on their life and recent happenings, and in a short amount of time, he attracted more than 14,000 followers.

In addition, the couple demonstrated that the fact that they have four children does not mean that they cannot have a personal life of their own.

They continue to do all the things that are required of them as well as the ones that bring them pleasure, and they even enjoy themselves.

According to Alex, considering that they are the parents of four children, their life is comparable to that of a military operation.

He acknowledges that they are required to perform their procedure every four hours, which entails feeding all three of them and switching them out.

On the other hand, he asserts that he does not alter it in any way with anything else.

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