This little girl is only five years old, but she can do her mom’s makeup better than some professional makeup artists…

People, in general, are fascinating animals to study in any field.

While there are some people who have no problem with a young person wearing cosmetics, there are other people who have strong objections to the practice.

This couple decided to go in different directions right from the start.

Meet Shab, a young and talented girl who has a particular passion for and expertise in the art of makeup application.

For her, doing this is neither a job nor a typical game; rather, she is a true expert who is able to make use of both her abilities and her imagination.

The gorgeous young lady possesses a naturally delicate touch, which comes in handy when she’s working with cosmetics.

Despite her young age, she already has a solid understanding of the fundamentals, specifically how to combine different tones in order to create a specific skin tone.

Or, she is able to make surefooted maneuvers in the process of drawing an eye line with relative ease.

It’s incredible, don’t you think so?

Imagine that Shab tried on her first set of makeup when she was just 2 years old and that she hasn’t grown bored of doing so since then.

Then, she had no choice but to go into this line of work!

Her mother, Cassie, has mentioned that the only way her little princess will be able to complete her schooling is if she does not become fatigued.

She encourages her kid to follow her heart and is happy with any decision she makes.

It can’t be denied that in a few years’ time, the talented young lady will be taking pictures for famous people.

Even though she is only five years old, doing makeup appears to be something of a calling for her.

Even if she only paints her mother with any degree of skill at the moment, she has a bright future ahead of her.

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