See what happened after the mother left her newborn son at the hospital because of the color of his skin…

This is a wonderfully heartwarming tale about a young boy who was completely pure but who struggled through life.

But luck was on his side, and very quickly after that, his life took a dramatic turn for the better.

His mother abandoned him immediately after he was born, leaving him there on the ground.

She abandoned him despite the fact that he was in good health because of his dark skin color.

It seems likely that the newly-minted mother had an affair with her husband, and the baby was born to prove it.

Therefore, the woman prepared a rejection letter without giving it too much thought.

She really startled the hospital staff, who were feeling extremely sorry for the newborn infant at the time.

The smiling, happy eyes of the child soon became the nurses’ source of delight, and they promptly gave him the name Mark.

In addition, the newborn was perfectly healthy and made rapid progress in terms of their weight gain.

Therefore, given that he was in good health, the staff made the decision to place him in an orphanage.

However, all of a sudden it was discovered that he was suffering from oxygen deprivation, and he need medical assistance.

Thankfully, the infant overcame the illness and quickly began to make a recovery afterward.

Albina, one of the nurses, fell in love with the infant boy as she was caring for him. She was particularly taken with the baby’s innocent and brilliant eyes.

And this time, when the staff prepared to deliver him to an orphanage once more, the woman attempted to convince her husband to adopt the child by pleading with him to do so.

The couple’s good fortune continued when they were blessed with the adoption of Mark, as well as other good fortune.

After a period of time, Albina found out that she, too, was going to become a mother.

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