David Deutchman, a kind-hearted grandpa, held babies in the NICU… He died after that…

One of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta volunteers who was known for their unwavering commitment to the organization just passed away.

He had been battling pancreatic cancer in its fourth stage for about a year, and unfortunately, mankind has lost such a compassionate individual.

Because of his kind nature and the dedication he shows in his work, he is affectionately known as “NICU grandpa.”

In a similar vein, after he retired, he would spend his time in the hospital cuddling and warming premature newborns.

According to what the grandfather mentioned in 2017, it is a very serene and blessing-filled responsibility for him.

Following his retirement, the elderly man volunteered his time to spend 14 consecutive years holding newborns at the Scottish Rite.

He described his interest to me, as well as the reasons why he felt it was so vital for him to volunteer his time.

Since he was a little boy, he’d always had a deep affection for infants.

David said that it was important for new newborns to be kept warm after they were born.

They were able to relax and fall asleep soundly on his chest because he would cuddle them. They could hear his heartbeat, which added to their sense of security.

It brought him a great deal of joy whenever infants thought of him as a member of their family and ceased their wailing the moment he held them in his arms.

According to the claims made by the nurses working at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the grandpa possessed a particularly relaxing quality that helped to put the children at ease.

Sadly, the renowned figure went suddenly just a few short weeks after his diagnosis was made public.

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