The Mother Gives Birth To Two Sons Who Are Unique…

George and Stanley Shelton, two of the Shelton family’s sons, are not your typical young children.

Both of them were born with thick, luscious hair on their heads, which immediately drew the attention of those who were in their vicinity.

When George was delivered, the obstetricians even had to bring scissors into the delivery room because his hair was so long that it reached the tip of his nose and totally covered his eyes.

The boys’ hair continued to develop at a quick rate even as they got older.

When George was just nine months old, his parents took him to the hairdresser for the first time. The master was so shocked to see such a young client that he asked the parents to take a picture of him.

After another four years, Stanley was born, and like his older brother, he had long hair that stood on end and grew straight up in a matter of months.

It’s a running joke in the Shelton family that Stanley can’t wear hats very often since they tend to fall off of his head.

But contrary to what his brother George thinks, Stanley enjoys going to the hairdresser on a regular basis.

The thick, fast-growing hair that both brothers have is a feature that was passed down from their parents, despite the fact that they have quite different feelings about getting their hair cut.

Genetics are to blame, according to the medical staff, for the Shelton brothers’ distinctive hair.

It appears that both of the parents have thick hair that grows quickly, and this characteristic has been passed on to both of their boys.

The Shelton brothers may, at first look, appear to be regular lads; but, the luscious locks that they both sport set them apart from the other children.

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