These grandmothers lived through many global changes: Recently, twin sisters turned 102…

These American twin sisters recently celebrated their 102nd birthdays together, which is a significant milestone in their lives.

Despite the fact that they do not live in the same house or have the same interests, they are inextricably linked by a unique connection at all times.

One of them calls San Francisco, California, home, while the other calls Kansas City, Missouri, home.

Elise, one of the twins, mentioned that they were born in 1920. Since that year, a great number of significant events had taken place all across the world.

The old woman smiled broadly as she reflected on the fantastic birthday celebrations they had shared.

She mentioned that during the many years of their special day festivities, they always had dancing.

Elise extended an invitation to her sister, Lilabel, and the two of them spent the day together hosting loud parties for their friends and having a fantastic time.

In spite of her advanced years, the woman still pays close attention to how she looks and maintains her appearance.

The sisters have a positive attitude and are drawn to the uplifting aspects of life.

According to Paul Lyons, Elise’s son, the positive outlook that the Lyons sisters maintained throughout their lives was the key to their extraordinary longevity.

They approach every difficulty with an optimistic outlook and find solutions that are straightforward and do not involve hyperbole.

At the time when the sisters were born, engineers in the United States had already begun to establish themselves as leaders in the aircraft industry.

Elise joined the BAO Fraternity in the 1950s, as indicated by Kansas City University. This information can be seen on their website.

She oversaw the activities of the worldwide women’s group, which worked to ensure that students had access to educational opportunities.

Education was provided in a variety of countries by the organization, which had its headquarters in the United States.

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