The second son of an Australian woman weighed 6 kg when he was born, but then…

Meet Lucas, one of the heaviest infants in Australia at about 13 pounds (5.9 kg) in weight. He was born prematurely and weighs almost 13 pounds (5.9 kg).

The labor and delivery went smoothly and fast in spite of the baby’s enormous size.

This is the woman’s second child, and the infant is her second child.

A year ago, she gave birth to her first baby, who was also exceptionally large for his age.

Nina Tassell, who is now 38 years old and her mother, explained that her son was born so swiftly that they were unable to even make it to the hospital in time.

According to the woman, she was with her husband Adam at the time when she believed that their child was about to be born.

As a result, they were on their way to the St. John of God Hospital when the mother became aware that her baby was beginning to push.

Because of how hard he was pressing with his feet, they ended up being late.

Lucas made the executive decision to enter the world when his parents were driving.

The day they will never forget, as the attentive and bewildered husband was forced to deliver their child while they were still driving.

The most amusing aspect of the tale is the fact that Nina’s sister-in-law Sonya Anson, along with her, was responsible for putting together all of the components required for the big event.

However, when Nina called her and informed her that they needed to adjust their plans, Sonya was required to give her instructions over the phone.

Therefore, the group of three was able to perform the birth on the spot before the attending physicians arrived to offer assistance.

When a baby weighs almost 6 kilograms at birth, it is regarded as a critical medical situation and a high-risk delivery.

The care of the infant ought to be supervised by the attending physicians.

Fortunately, the baby was delivered without any complications, and he is doing OK now.

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